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"Since 2005, Dr. Sketchy's has been the name in alternative drawing. From illegal flashmobs to the Museum of Modern Art, Dr. Sketchy's has brought artists a rule-breaking cocktail of dames, drinking and drawing. Dr. Sketchy's branches draw in over a hundred cities around the globe, from Akron to Zagreb. Whether you're an artstar or a scribbling newbie, Dr. Sketchy's is the perfect place to get your fill of life-drawing. Dr. Sketchy's is the brainchild of artist Molly Crabapple. If you hear of a branch, but they do not have a profile on this site, be warned that they will not provide our authentic Sketchy's experience. Check our Branches page for your local branch!"

For more information about the international phenomenon that is Dr Sketchy's Anti-art School visit here - http://www.drsketchy.com/

Dr Sketchy's Anti-art School Birmingham (Est. 2008)

Dr Sketchy's Anti-art School Birmingham is organised by 3 Birmingham based Art lovers. Dr Sketchy's Birmingham goes on a hunt across the Midlands and beyond to find dancers, vintage style models and circus performers. We will lead you through raffles, silly quizzes and daft drawing contests (best drawing with eyes closed etc) and you can win prizes!

This is the only event of its kind in Birmingham! We meet only 6 times a year - so make sure you are there! Come and join us for what is a brilliant addition to the thriving art community in Birmingham. Our entrance fee only covers the cost of hiring the models/performers and providing the prizes for the winning artists. 

Our very own Branch site on the mother ship can be found here - http://www.drsketchy.com/branch/Birmingham

Photographic and artistic highlights from past shows can be found here - http://www.drsketchy.com/branch/photos/5816

Dr Sketchy's Anti-art School Birmingham's Blog can be found here - http://www.drsketchy.com/branch/blog/Birmingham

Dr Sketchy's Anti-art School Birmingham's Videos can be found here - http://www.drsketchy.com/branch/videos/Birmingham

Join our Facebook group here - https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/25001787605/


*This is an 18+ event - you may be asked to present your I.D. at the door.*